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Badger Class News (Year 1 & 2)



Badgers have had a very busy week! They loved their football coaching yesterday and have worked hard in Maths and with their Reading.


We talked about our school values and they thought about how we can show our values in school and at home. 


They made some lovely posters and came up with some great ideas! Our Values underpin everything we do in school and it is really great that they know how we can follow them in school.




Badgers have been busy this week learning more about money and writing their own versions of the poem 'The Owl and the Pussycat'. They have also been learning about the oceans and we celebrated National Earth Day today! They decorated their own stone to represent National Earth Day and what we can do to look after our planet. We have also started to find out about the Battle of Hastings in History. 




We started our Science experiment and the children are looking forward to seeing how our seeds grow. They have predicted that only one out of the 6 seeds will grow well as the other 5 are missing one vital thing which they need need such as air, warmth, water soil and sunlight. I am looking forward to reading about how their seeds did at home for their homework this week!


For phonics we learnt how to play 'Blah Blah Blah', which is a fun card game that I ordered. It is a great way to practice our sounds in class. smiley


Miss Gilbranch


Badgers have had a great first week back so far. I have been really impressed with how they have settled back in after the Easter Holidays!


We have started learning about Money in class and they have been recognising the UK coins and notes and also finding amounts to pay for things.


We have also been finishing looking at the 'Owl and the Pussycat' poem by Edward Lear. I was so amazed at how much of the poem they could remember.


They have also learnt about what Plants need and the parts of a Plant. They went out to see what plants they could find, then they had fun making their own plant posters and labelling them. We now have a lovely Plants display in our corridor with all their lovely posters on.


We have also been finishing looking at the 'Owl and the Pussycat' poem by Edward Lear. I was so amazed at how much of the poem they could remember. 


Well done Badgers!



Badgers have had a fun week finishing off our subjects and learning about Easter. We learnt about the Easter Story and what the Bible tells us about the days running up to Easter Sunday.


They made their robots in groups, thinking about how their robot could make life easier. They planted seeds with Mrs Nichols and thought about what their seed needs to grow. I hope they enjoy looking after them at home and watching it grow.


We finished off our displays in class for 'Habitats' and 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' and finished meeting the monsters on 'MonstroCity.'


I hope you all have a lovely Easter Break!

Miss Gilbranch



Badgers have written some amazing stories of the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch this week. They used the story map to help them and I was so impressed with the vocabulary and the sentence structure in their work. We had lots of 'scrumptious' lunches 'industrious' Mr Grinlings and scavenging seagulls!! 




We have been talking a lot about kindness in class and treating each other how we would like to be treated. We talked about how our words can have a big impact and the children did an activity to show this using the book 'Chrysanthemum'. Whenever the children in the story were unkind they had to scrunch up their heart and then smooth them out if someone said something kind and supportive. They could see that their paper hearts couldn't go back to being smooth and fresh once unkind words had been said. We all agreed to only use kind words with our friends to make sure we have a happy classroom.



Badgers have had a great first week back!


On Monday we talked about International Women's Day and why it is celebrated. We then revisited Florence Nightingale and talked about why she is significant. We have continued our learning about Habitats. We learnt about what rainforests are like and the types of animals you can find.  I have started to display their Habitat boxes, which look fantastic! 


In Maths, Year 2 carried on with fractions. We looked at three quarters and counting fractions. Year 1 have started looking at Volume and Capacity and had lots of fun filling containers with water! We will be learning how to measure volume next week.


Mrs Halls has been doing some sessions on coming back to school and the feelings we may experience. They have worked really hard and have settled back into the classroom well. Well done!!

Badger class have done some amazing work on the theme of ‘Starry Night’ inspired by Van Gogh

Badger class have been reading 'The Day the Crayons Quit'.  Take a look at their lovely work....

Grace Darling was one of the Victorian era's most celebrated heroines. On 7 September 1838, she risked her life to rescue the stranded survivors of the wrecked steamship Forfarshire, a feat of bravery which changed her life dramatically.  Here is some of Badger classes work...


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