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Hedgehog Class News (Reception Year)

Weekly Update 29th September 2022

This week we have been doing lots of Maths work. We have been learning about matching items to see which items are similiar shapes/colours. We then moved onto sorting objects by the same criteria of shape or colour. 

Our focus story this week has been The Three Little Pigs. We have read the story, explored which material was the best to build a house from and why, built our own houses from blocks outside, and also made some pig shaped biscuits! We learnt about germs and how they can make us poorly if we don't wash our hands before doing certain activities. We then followed the cooking instructions carefully to mix, pour, and stir the ingredients to bake the biscuits.

We've also been working hard on our fine motor skills this week to help us get ready for writing. We have been practising our phonics sounds in the tuff tray with salt and a paintbrush, using cotton buds to carefully paint pictures, use beads to create patterns on boards, and complete pencil control sheets.

Hedgehog Class 2022-23


We have had a busy few weeks settling into school life! We have been exploring the indoor and outdoor classroom, making new friends, meeting our Year 6 buddies, following new rules and expectations and starting some brilliant learning!

To link to our learning about Goldilocks and The Three Bears, we made porridge. Most of us had a try of it, but it wasn't very popular!

We also had a great first Wiggery Wood session. We loved travelling to the woods in the minibus and then spending the morning exploring. We made dens, found bugs, made mud pies, carried big sticks and learnt how to keep ourselves safe outside. 

End of Year Picnic

We had a lovely end of year picnic today over the field at lunchtime. Well done for an amazing year Hedgehogs, we will miss you but wish you lots of luck for your journey into Badger Class. Have a brilliant summer! 

Weekly Update 13.07.22

We have been loving the outdoors this week and enjoying the sunny weather. On Monday we went for a local walk around the village, identifying signs of Summer on our way. We identified some flowers and trees on our walk and applied our knowledge from Wiggery Wood sessions in our locality. We then had a little picnic with our morning snack and drink. I took some lovely end of year Hedgehog photos whilst we were surrounded by the fields!


We also had a wonderful final Wiggery Wood session on Wednesday. It was filled with all of the things we love to do at the woods; the banana hammock, the rope swing, making bug hotels, toasting marshmallows on the fire and then drinking hot chocolate! The children have loved these sessions and we are really grateful to Mr Cooper who owns Hill Farm and for Terry, our forest school leader.

Weekly Update 08.07.22

This week we have been learning about being unique and celebrating our differences between ourselves and others. We have done some lovely sentence writing about how we are different to others.


We also practised our repeating patterns work by using sponges to sponge print our own elephants.

We also made elephant shaped pizzas! We carefully cut out the base with an elephant cutter and then spread on our tomato sauce and added cheese.

A big well done to Hedgehogs for their first ever Sports Day. You all did amazingly well and we are so proud of you all! smiley

Weekly Update 29.06.22

We had a lovely time at Wiggery Wood today. We used clay to make our own models, swung in the banana hammock (one of our weekly favourites!) made a bug hotel and also made amazing faces made from the clay to put onto the trees.

In RE we have been learning about how different religions celebrate different festivals. Last week we learnt about the Holi festival which is celebrated by Hindu's and is known as the 'festival of colours.' We designed our own t-shirts to represent the Holi festival. 

We have been developing our sentence writing skills and have written some lovely sentences describing the Gruffalo. Here are a few examples below:


Weekly Update 15.06.22

We have had a great few weeks back after half term. We have been focusing our learning around The Tiger Who Came to Tea book. After reading the story, we wrote a tea party invitation to Mr Golbourn inviting him to our tea party at the end of the week. We had great fun!

In assembly we have been discussing putting things in, to get something out. We have been talking about how many things require effort and determination to see an end result. After this, we made our own train tickets and wrote on there what our goals would be for the end of the year. Lots of us wrote lovely things such as getting better at showing kindness, getting better at reading and writing etc.

We have been learning our number bonds in Maths. To begin with we have been learning and recalling bonds to 5, and now we have moved onto bonds within 10. We have been using the Numicon to help us see the total of 10, and which numbers make up this number. 

We also had a great session at Wiggery Wood today. It was very warm but luckily we were shaded by the trees! We used potato peelers to strip elderflower branches, swung in the banana hammock, climbed trees and found owl feathers!

Weekly Update 26.05.22

This week we have been continuing our learning about transport and therefore have been exploring hot air balloons. We learnt how the first one was invented and by who. After this we made our own hot air balloons from a paper bowl and carefully cut out a basket. We had our photos taken pretending to be inside the hot air balloon - they look lovely hanging up in our room.

We have also been thinking about the sort of things we would take on a journey and have continued to read the Paddington stories. We wrote a list of things Paddington would need to take in his suitcase if he was to travel back to Peru.

We have been learning about Peru and the rainforests within it. We have been looking at pictures of the rainforest, exploring the climate and learning which animals live there and in which layer of the forest. We learnt why rain is so important and therefore made our own rain sticks! Once we had made them, we loved showing them to our music teacher, Mr Munson who we sang Incy Wincy Spider with.


Still image for this video

We also had another lovely time at Wiggery Wood this week. We swung in the hammock, made dens, found and identified insects and pressed flowers and leaves into fabric. 

Weekly Update 20.05.22

This week we have been reading the stories of Paddington Bear. We have enjoyed researching and learning about London and the different landmarks which you see when visiting there. We made our own London mini books using the facts we have learnt about London. We wrote some lovely sentences inside.