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Hedgehog Class News (Reception Year)


We have had a fun week back in school. The weather is starting to slowly improve so we have spent more time outside in our garden area. We also have some new visitors in the classroom - in the form of frogspawn! We were so excited for their arrival and have been learning lots about the life cycle of a frog and how to look after tadpoles so they grow and develop correctly. In Literacy we have been focusing on the Paddington books and our writing this week has been based around the stories. We then talked about and looked at different types of transport, which transport goes on land, air and water and which types of transport we have experienced before. We have also been looking at current news and about the death of Prince Philip. We discussed the Royal Family in depth and wanted to send the Queen a gift to hopefully cheer her up smiley



We have had a lovely week! We are working really hard on our phonics and writing sentences. We have completed some Easter writing this week and tried really hard. We have been learning about Salvation and the Easter Story in RE and then decorated our own cross to put on a display. Also we have tried some different foods this week which we may not have had before, we cooked and prepared our own little quiche with ingredients which we know are from a farm; eggs, cheese, milk, ham and vegetables. We also had some hot cross buns for our snack time and talked about why there is a cross on the top and why we eat them around Easter time. We have also been busy outside planting seeds and thinking about new life and what plants, and us need to grow.



We have loved being back at school and in the classroom with our friends. We have spent each morning revisiting our Phonics, we are really progressing with our reading now! 😊 We are continuing our topic learning about farms and identifying which animals live on a farm, naming the animal's young and watching for signs of Spring. We have also been discussing our feelings and the different emotions we might feel when coming back to school. We are revisiting and remembering our class rules, which include sharing and being kind to others. To finish the week, we had a long walk around the village looking for signs of Spring and enjoying the sunny (and windy!) weather.


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