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Hedgehog Class News (Reception Year)

Weekly Update 15.06.22

We have had a great few weeks back after half term. We have been focusing our learning around The Tiger Who Came to Tea book. After reading the story, we wrote a tea party invitation to Mr Golbourn inviting him to our tea party at the end of the week. We had great fun!

In assembly we have been discussing putting things in, to get something out. We have been talking about how many things require effort and determination to see an end result. After this, we made our own train tickets and wrote on there what our goals would be for the end of the year. Lots of us wrote lovely things such as getting better at showing kindness, getting better at reading and writing etc.

We have been learning our number bonds in Maths. To begin with we have been learning and recalling bonds to 5, and now we have moved onto bonds within 10. We have been using the Numicon to help us see the total of 10, and which numbers make up this number. 

We also had a great session at Wiggery Wood today. It was very warm but luckily we were shaded by the trees! We used potato peelers to strip elderflower branches, swung in the banana hammock, climbed trees and found owl feathers!

Weekly Update 26.05.22

This week we have been continuing our learning about transport and therefore have been exploring hot air balloons. We learnt how the first one was invented and by who. After this we made our own hot air balloons from a paper bowl and carefully cut out a basket. We had our photos taken pretending to be inside the hot air balloon - they look lovely hanging up in our room.

We have also been thinking about the sort of things we would take on a journey and have continued to read the Paddington stories. We wrote a list of things Paddington would need to take in his suitcase if he was to travel back to Peru.

We have been learning about Peru and the rainforests within it. We have been looking at pictures of the rainforest, exploring the climate and learning which animals live there and in which layer of the forest. We learnt why rain is so important and therefore made our own rain sticks! Once we had made them, we loved showing them to our music teacher, Mr Munson who we sang Incy Wincy Spider with.


Still image for this video

We also had another lovely time at Wiggery Wood this week. We swung in the hammock, made dens, found and identified insects and pressed flowers and leaves into fabric. 

Weekly Update 20.05.22

This week we have been reading the stories of Paddington Bear. We have enjoyed researching and learning about London and the different landmarks which you see when visiting there. We made our own London mini books using the facts we have learnt about London. We wrote some lovely sentences inside.


We also made Paddington's favourite snack - a marmalade sandwich! We did well to spread the butter and marmalade and then cut the sandwich into quarters. All of us tried the marmalade sandwich, lots of us enjoyed it. After this we then sequenced pictures of making a sandwich and had to remember the steps we completed to do this.

After we had learnt about some of the London landmarks, some of the children decided to build these landmarks using the wooden blocks outside. We had Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge.

Weekly Update 11.05.2022

We had another great day at the woods today. We used some charcoal which we had left over from our fire we had last week, to create lovely pictures of what we could see around us. We also climbed the rope ladder, swung on the swing, made dens and made mud pies.

We wrote some lovely sentences this week about our focus book The Train Ride. We wrote about what we might see when we go on a train journey. 

We have been enjoying our newly laid patio out the back this week. It has been lovely in the sunshine.

Last week we read Handa's Surprise, so have spent the last two weeks making our own baskets like Handa's. The children printed some fruit on paper, cut them out and then spent a while practising weaving to make our own baskets.

Weekly Update 27.04.22

We have had a great week so far! Our Wiggery Wood session on Wednesday was amazing, the children absolutely loved making a bonfire and toasting their own marshmallows and making popcorn. We also saw the beautiful sea of bluebells which appear every year in Wiggery Wood, they really were amazing to see. Mr Cooper who owns the woods, is opening the woods up to the public this Sunday and Monday if anyone would like to see the bluebells for themselves.


This week we have also been reading The Jolly Postman and learning to write our own letters. We learnt about the journey of a letter once it gets posted in a post box and we then walked down to our local postbox in the village, to post the letters we have written to our families. Keep an eye on your post over the next few days! 

Over the past few weeks, my phonics group have been working hard to write sentences independently. We are really making progress with this and are continuing to develop the skills to sound out words by ourselves without asking an adult each time. I was really proud of the sentences they wrote this week. 

Weekly Update 21.04.22

We have had a lovely week back to school after the Easter holidays. I have loved hearing about some of the things the children have been getting up to whilst off school. We all wrote sentences about what we did, they were brilliant. See below for Esme's, Emmy's and Daisy's writing.

We have also been learning about Earth Day which is this Friday. In assembly this week we have been talking about our wonderful world and ways we can look after it.

On Tuesday, we all went outside to enjoy the sunshine and help Mrs Nichols get the beds ready for planting vegetables. We had to water the soil, dig it all over, pull out the weeds and add compost. We also each planted a tomato plant in a little pot to put on our classroom windowsill, these will be planted in the beds soon.

Also linked to Earth Day, we coloured in our own Earth and talked about our favourite things about the planet. The children then wrote their favourite thing on a heart and stuck it on. We had some lovely ideas such as sunsets, nature, flowers, the ocean, cats and dogs, people etc. They look lovely on our classroom door.

Our learning this half term is based around the topic of Transport. We have a travel agents as our role play in the classroom and the children have enjoyed learning about the different types of transport and what they are used for. So much so, that they decided to make their own aeroplane outside with the blocks.

Weekly Update 31.03.22

We have had a very busy week so there aren't many photos I am afraid! We have been learning about subtraction in Maths and solving some takeaway sums within 10. We did this as a group and all stayed focused for a long time!



We had great fun at Wiggery Wood this week. We made medals by sawing wood which we wrote our names on and drew a picture of an animal which went with our name. We had Willa the worm, Daisy the Deer, Finlay the fox and Ruby the rabbit. We also made a den, climbed trees and went on the rope swing.

We also had a lovely time in church this afternoon for our Easter assembly. We showed Rev Bev and the rest of the school what we have been learning about and making in relation to Easter. Hedgehog class made an Easter chick painting using different resources - we used a fork to make the fur print.

Weekly Update 24.03.22

Please see below for some pictures from the last few weeks.

We have some caterpillars in our classroom to help us learn about lifecycles. The children have loved watching the tiny caterpillars grow into large long ones! We think they are nearly ready to go into their chrysalis. To link to this, we also made our own butterfly life cycle paper plate showing the different stages of it's life before it transforms into a beautiful butterfly.

We have read the books Oliver's Vegetables and Oliver's Fruit Salad, learning about the differences between fruit and vegetables and then making our own fruit kebabs.

We have planted our own vegetable - cress! We made our own caterpillar pot for the cress to be planted in from an egg box, planted the cress and then left it to grow on the windowsill in the sunshine. We then sequenced the process of this using pictures.

In RE we have been learning about the week leading up to Easter and the events which took place during this important time. Last week we learnt about Palm Sunday and why this is an important day for Christians. We all made our own palm leaf and practiced waving them like Jesus' followers did for him when he arrived in Jerusalem.