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Hedgehog Class News (Reception Year)

Weekly Update 15.10.21

We have had such a great week this week with great experiences and meeting new people. We have been learning about those people who help us in the community and the important jobs they do. We have been especially looking at bus drivers, refuse collectors, nurses, doctors, vets, mountain rescuers, life guards, dentists, police officers, fire fighters etc, the list is endless! We were lucky enough to have a visit from a nurse on Monday which the children loved and set off our People Who Help Us week perfectly. 

We then had a visit from a vet the following day. The children loved learning about all of the different animals the vets look after and having a go at 'caring for them' themselves.

Then on Friday, we finished our week by having a ranger come into school. He explained that he looks after nature and showed us lots of amazing bugs and insects, let us have a go at talking to each other through the radios and told us about dangerous and poisonous plants and trees. 

Aside from this, we have been learning about matching and sorting in our Maths and recognising how and why some objects/items are the same and which are different and why.

We've also been continuing to work hard in our phonics lessons to hear the initial sounds in words, form the letters correctly and begin to blend sounds together to make the words. 

Happy Harvest!

Weekly Update 07.10.21

This week we have continued some of our learning about looking after ourselves and the world. We have been turning our unwanted fruit and vegetable cores and waste into compost using the school compost bin. We have gained a good understanding of what items can be recycled and which items are rubbish. We have made a great display showcasing our work all around recycling and cleaning up our world in order to save the oceans! 

We have read some more information about staying healthy and this then sparked some interest in the provision of being doctors and nurses. The children wanted the doctors kit out so they could role play being a doctor to their friends. We had lots of broken arms, sore throats and missing teeth!! 

We have also discussed harvest and what this means. We know that during this time of year it is important to celebrate where food comes from and how it makes it's way to our plates. We also thought about those people who may not be as lucky and fortunate as ourselves and have been collecting food and other needed items for the local food banks. Thank you for your donations. 

Within the learning about harvest, we talked about farms and the important jobs they do. To develop knowledge around this we have had lots of activities in the provision linked to farming. Some of the children chose to cut and stick their own tractor, they drew pictures of some of the things that we might see on a farm, they 'fed' the farm animals with different sized spoons for fine motor control, we set up a farm shop outside and we have all made our own green tractor from junk modelling resources.

We have been continuing our phonics learning too. This week some of the sounds have been harder to write so we have been working hard with our pencil control and applying our new knowledge in the provision in the classroom too. Any extra practice at home will help too! smiley

Weekly Update 30.09.21

This week we have been learning about taking care of the world as well as taking care of ourselves. We have been looking at recycling and what this means. We asked our families to bring in some recycling materials so we could use it for junk modelling to either make a boat or a sea creature, following on from our story called 'Clean Up!' which told us about a little girl who cleans up the beach in Jamaica as it was full of litter and the harm this does to the sea. We then went on a walk around our village to see if we could help the environment too by cleaning up any rubbish - we had our special blue gloves on! 

We then recycled some cardboard tubes to make our own happy octopus, who lived in a sea with no litter! smiley they are on display in our classroom and lots of people have commented on how great they are!

We have been counting carefully and making sure we can recognise and read our numbers to 5 before we move onto 10 next week. We have also started our phase 2 phonics lessons and have learnt the sounds s, a, t. We are working hard on forming these letters correctly. 

Finally, we have continued our learning about ways we can keep ourselves healthy. This week we have been talking about brushing and looking after our teeth. We practised brushing some teeth which had cavities, in the tuff tray with toothpaste and a toothbrush and then sequenced in what order we brush our teeth.

Weekly Update 23.09.21

This week we have been learning about lots of different things! We have continued some of our space learning and reading lots more space stories, but our main focus this week has been around the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen. We read different versions of the story and then had a go at sequencing the key events. We also practiced our cutting skills by cutting out the pieces of a hen and sticking them together. In our topic learning in the afternoons we have been talking about ways to stay healthy and food which is healthy and others which aren't so healthy for us - but are allowed as a treat. To follow on from this, we then made our own hedgehog shaped bread rolls! We used our rolling, mixing and shaping skills.

We've also been practicing writing our name a few times a week, with the correct letter formation and making sure we are writing our letters in the correct way and starting in the right place. We are making good progress. 

In assembly, we have been talking about what it means to be 'soft-hearted' and how we can show this to others around us. We know that being soft-hearted means to show kindness, sharing, being polite and helpful. Then we made our own stain glass heart to go on our classroom window, we think they look really pretty!

Then amongst all of this, we have been doing some lovely learning in the provision. We have enjoyed the farm small world toys, practicing writing our numbers in trays of flour, the space station outside, being builders in the construction area, and mark making in the home corner. 

Weekly Update 16.09.21

We have had a lovely week this week. In assembly we have been talking about 'Reaching for the Stars' and pushing ourselves to do things which we might find tricky, or are new to us. We discussed how we shouldn't limit ourselves and what sort of things we might want to do or be when we reach for the stars. The children came up with some lovely ideas which have made a beautiful display on our classroom door. We then added some glitter.. of course! 

We have also been trying new foods at school and how we don't know if we like things unless we try them first! This linked back to our assemblies on not limiting ourselves. This week we have had pineapple and watermelon at snack time, these fruits were new foods for some of us. We continue to try new and exciting foods all the time in Hedgehog Class.

We have also been learning about Space this week and asking questions such as, what is Space? What are planets? What does Space look like? To help us with this, we have been reading lots of different books about Space, some non-fiction and others fiction. One of these books being Aliens Love Underpants. We thought this book was really funny, so we then painted and decorated our own set of underpants! We hope the aliens don't steal them!! 

We have loved music with Mr Munson, our specialist music teacher. We have been singing songs each week and exploring different types of music. This week we used some bells and had to listen carefully to when he was asking us to play. We did a great job. 

Welcome To St Giles, Hedgehogs 2021-22!

We have had an amazing week and a half in school. We have all settled really well and seem to be really enjoying coming to school each day. We have been exploring our new environment, inside and outside and getting to know the new rules and expectations. We've been having lots of fun in the provision, had our first PE lesson and our first music lesson too! We all sit together for snack time and lunchtime and then join some of the other KS1 children for playtimes outside. 


We've also been painting our self portraits, learning to write our name with the correct letter formation and starting to learn to write our numbers to 5. But most importantly, we are making friends, getting to know our new teachers and ensuring we have been happy at school this week smiley stay tuned for regular weekly updates to follow!


Sports Day 15.07.2021

We had a brilliant Sports Day today, the children did so well! We all received a certificate for taking part and an ice-lolly afterwards smiley See the videos below.

Sack Race Heat 1

Still image for this video
Huxley 1st
Chester 2nd
Arthur 3rd

Sack Race Heat 2

Still image for this video
Rosa 1st
Mason 2nd
Edie 3rd

Sack Race Heat 3

Still image for this video
Grace 1st
Immie 2nd
Archie and Ayla 3rd

80m Sprint Heat 1

Still image for this video
Rosa 1st
Immie 2nd
Mason 3rd

80m Sprint Heat 2

Still image for this video
Chester 1st
Huxley 2nd
Abbigail 3rd

Beanbag on Head Heat 1

Still image for this video
Mason 1st
Ayla 2nd
Immie 3rd

Beanbag on Head Heat 2

Still image for this video
Arthur 1st
Abbigail 2nd
Huxley 3rd

Sports Day 2021


We have had a lovely few weeks with more focus on growing, changes and the seasons. We have continued to look after our tadpoles which we had in the classroom until they were almost ready to be released. We carefully put them in the pond we made in the front playground and will keep checking on them daily after the half term to see if they are fully formed frogs! 


We then wrote some sentences about frogs after we had learnt about the life cycle of a frog and watched lots of videos about different types of frogs there are, we especially loved the Poison Dart Frogs!

To finish our RE this half term, we learnt about the celebration of Pentecost and what this means for Christians. We discussed what happened when Jesus went back up to Heaven and how this might've felt for his friends. To apply our knowledge about Pentecost we created our own flame picture to represent when the flames appeared above the heads of those who followed Jesus, by doing some blow painting! They turned out really effective and really looked like fire. 

We then finished off our Paddington Bear learning by baking bear biscuits! We carefully weighed out the ingredients, mixed them together and used the cookie cutters to get the correct shape. We then ate them for our afternoon snack! smiley



We have had a fun filled and busy few weeks. We have really enjoyed our Paddington learning and exploring the rainforest! We made Paddington's favourite snack - a marmalade sandwich! We then had our own Teddy Bear Picnic which we loved.



We then read the book 'With Love From Paddington' which is a collection of letters that Paddington wrote to his Aunt Lucy back in Peru. We then used our great writing skills to write our own letter to our families and walked down to the postbox in the village to post them. 

We also got an exciting visit from the Book Bus - it was our first time going on it! We each chose a book to take back to our classroom and borrow. We couldn't wait to read them so as soon as we got off the bus we wanted to sit outside in the sunshine to look at them. 

Finally, we have also been artists this week after learning about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. We were very interested in his life and his artwork. We decided to recreate one of his famous pieces, 'Sunflowers'. We used our observational drawing skills and our colour mixing skills. We only used the colours yellow, white and brown to create our art. We are really proud of them and they look beautiful on our classroom window. 


We have had a fun week back in school. The weather is starting to slowly improve so we have spent more time outside in our garden area. We also have some new visitors in the classroom - in the form of frogspawn! We were so excited for their arrival and have been learning lots about the life cycle of a frog and how to look after tadpoles so they grow and develop correctly. In Literacy we have been focusing on the Paddington books and our writing this week has been based around the stories. We then talked about and looked at different types of transport, which transport goes on land, air and water and which types of transport we have experienced before. We have also been looking at current news and about the death of Prince Philip. We discussed the Royal Family in depth and wanted to send the Queen a gift to hopefully cheer her up smiley



We have had a lovely week! We are working really hard on our phonics and writing sentences. We have completed some Easter writing this week and tried really hard. We have been learning about Salvation and the Easter Story in RE and then decorated our own cross to put on a display. Also we have tried some different foods this week which we may not have had before, we cooked and prepared our own little quiche with ingredients which we know are from a farm; eggs, cheese, milk, ham and vegetables. We also had some hot cross buns for our snack time and talked about why there is a cross on the top and why we eat them around Easter time. We have also been busy outside planting seeds and thinking about new life and what plants, and us need to grow.