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Muntjac Class News (Year 5 & 6)

W/C 26.9.22


We have been working on journalistic writing this week. We started by looking at a good example of a newspaper report and collected examples of the features. We explored modal verbs and how they were really useful for rhetorical questions. Then, we wrote a range of opening paragraphs and tried to include rhetorical questions. 


W/C 19.9.22


Muntjac Class really enjoyed our Earth and Space Day on Thursday this week. We learnt about the movement of the Earth and Moon, producing explanations and reports, supported by illustrations and diagrams. We also created mood boards, collecting evidence that shows that the Earth is approximately spherical. 

W/C 12.9.22


Muntjac Class did some practical place value using acorns this week. We then applied these skills to an independent task back in the classroom. 


W/C 5.9.22


Muntjac Class have made an excellent start to the new school year. The Year 6's have really led by example and enjoyed meeting their Hedgehog buddies, and our Year 5's have really hit the ground running! We have enjoyed some really exciting practical learning this week. This included a grammar game of 'Snap!' where we had to find pairs of verbs and adverbs, and a fun Maths lesson where we had to make Roman Numerals using matchsticks. 

MUNTJACS 2022/23

W/C 6th June 2022


The Year 6's in Muntjac Class had 'Bikeability' this week. The instructors were so impressed with their behaviour and how well they did! They are preparing an assembly for next week, where they will be teaching the rest of the school about how to stay safe when riding a bike. 

W/C 23rd May 2022


Muntjacs have been making their own board games and finished them this week. They designed a board and created Grammar and Maths questions for them. We have given them to Squirrels who will be playing them soon.


W/C 2nd May 2022


Muntjacs have been inspired by Pop Art recently, so we decided to use this style to create grammar posters.

W/C 25th April 2022


Muntjacs have produced some fantastic writing this week. We started by playing a talking game, which involved describing characters from Narnia using ambitious vocabulary. We followed this with a writing session and the outcomes were excellent.


W/C 18th April 2022


Muntjac class have been learning to measure angles with a protractor. We used masking tape to create angles on tables and then recorded measurements using whiteboard pens. 

W/C 28th March 2022


Muntjac class are really passionate about looking after the environment and came up with the idea of creating posters to encourage people to switch off lights and turn off taps. These posters are now displayed around the school. 

W/C 21st March 2022


Muntjac class have been learning about perimeter and area this week. We enjoyed our practical work, which involved using whiteboard markers to draw on the tables!

W/C 28th February 2022


As part of our work on the environment, Muntjacs and Hedgehogs went litter picking around the village. We collected lots of litter and enjoyed spending some time outdoors!

W/C 7th February 2022


Muntjac class have been learning a short Sci-Fi story using Talk for Writing. They are in the process of writing them up on Chromebooks, with the aim of making the stories their own. 


W/C 31st January 2022


Muntjac class have continued their #unfoldtheuniverse art this week. Here are some of the finished pieces!


W/C 17th January 2022


Muntjac class were inspired by the gratitude swirls shown in assembly this week, so they created their own in RE. 


W/C 10th January 2022


Muntjac class have been really excited to learn about the James Webb telescope this week. As part of the #unfoldtheuniverse art project, we made mood boards based on what we thought the telescope might discover.

W/C 15th November 2021

The Year 6 children in Muntjac Class were very excited to meet their Hedgehog buddies this week. We walked alongside them on a Children in Need ramble on Friday, which was really enjoyable! 


We've also been working very hard in Maths, using bar modelling to change improper fractions to mixed numbers. 

W/C 8th November 2021


Muntjacs went to church on Friday to pay their respects for Remembrance Day. We gathered around the memorial plaque, which honours the soldiers from the parish who lost their lives in World War I. We read the poem ‘In Flanders Field’ by John McCrae, shared prayers that the children had written in English and planted crosses in the pathway leading to the church.


The children behaved impeccably and did a brilliant job of making sure the service was calm and respectful. Below is a picture from our visit, as well some examples of the prayers that were written.

Muntjac Class update WC 10th May 2021


Our new class novel


Muntjac class have really enjoyed exploring our new class novel - The Boy at The Back of The Class', by Onjali Q Rauf. The story is told from the perspective of 9 year old Alexa, who is desperate to help a new boy at her school who has arrived in the UK from war-torn Syria, without any family to help him. Muntjacs have tackled this challenging text and the themes within it with confidence and maturity. 


3 New School Rules:



Our assemblies this week have focused on launching our new school rules - Love, Trust & Respect. These are deliberately short, simple, positive and memorable for the children. 


Creative Maths: 


In maths this week we have been learning about geometry and angles. On Monday, we had fun drawing on the tables and creating beautiful geometric angle animals! 






Muntjac class have been learning about Greek Artwork, and enjoyed creating their very own masterpieces....


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