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Squirrel Class News (Year 3 & 4)

A few pics from our last few days of term

We made it! 

Well done Squirrel Class, a busy year and we can all now take a break!

A big thank you from myself and the Squirrel team for the lovely cards, messages and gifts. These were really appreciated. x

Sports Day 15th July 2021

Squirrel Class enjoyed their races at Sports day. This year they competed against their classmates in a hoop race, a running race and a class relay race. Brilliant effort and sporting attitudes were shown, encouraging each other throughout. Great job Squirrels!

W/C 12th July 2021

In Maths this week we have been  telling the Time.

We enjoyed thinking about TEAM work in our online assembly this week and joined in well with some team activities!

W/C 5th July 2021

In Maths we have worked on symmetry in shapes and looking at symmetrical patterns.

Look at our amazing shields! Thank you for all your hard work at home and support in creating these brilliant Roman Shields. They have looked fantastic in the Squirrel classroom alongside all of our Roman work.

W/C 28th June 2021

In Maths we continued our work on angles...

We were lucky enough this week to join a live on-line session with the author and illustrator of the Tom Gates books - Liz Pichon. She talked about being an author and shared exciting snippets from her latest book - Shoe Wars. The children were also able to draw along with her too!


But the highlight of our week was...

our visit to West Stow Anglo Saxon Village.


We had a brilliant day, with our guide describing the Squirrel class as awesome!

W/C 21st June 2021

We have continued to think lots about the Romans in our History learning this week. The week started with looking at images of Roman artefacts and guessing what they might have been. We also created mosaic patterns of our own and learned more about how Roman roads were formed.

We started to prepare for writing a story with a Roman theme! We had to create our main character and plan out the story which would take place in a Roman setting.

In Maths we enjoyed measuring out the perimeter of rooms in a Roman villa. Later in the week we started to learn about and revisit work on angles.

W/C 14th June 2021

We had fun making these Roman Soldiers!

In Maths this week, we did a money challenge, worked on multiplication and division word problems to test our calculation skills and started on some 2D shape work.

We used some Roman artefacts for observational drawing. The children took care to look carefully at what they could see to produce some great pictures.

A couple of great examples here of our writing when looking at examples of Roman architecture.

W/C 7th June 2021

 It was great to see each other again and we enjoyed sharing our half term news with each other! It has been great to have the sunshine with us too.

In English we continued reading our class book - Stig of the Dump. Amazing reading by lots of the Squirrel class. It has been lovely to see their confidence to read aloud to the rest of the class grow. The children were also great at spotting alternative words the author had used for the word - said. 

Thank you to this Squirrel for sharing his amazing poster of a Roman palace with us, that he had got during the half term. 

In Maths we have been working really hard on Division. We have done this practically, by drawing, on a number line and using formal methods as well. We enjoyed using some Division games on the Chrome books to practise our Division skills and knowledge too.

W/C 24th May 2021

A great final week of the half term this week. 


We have been finding out about the city of Rome in Italy. The children started by researching information using the Chrome books. We spent another session organising those facts and putting them into sentences. Finally we enjoyed using these to create a leaflet advertising Rome. We all ended up wanting to have a visit there!

We enjoyed learning colours in French this week.

The children were really excited to see this snake skin that one of our Squirrels brought in, and the class asked lots of great questions!

We finished off our Multiplication work this week. Lots of were learning to multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We started off by doing this practically, then by using partitioning and then using the short formal method of Multiplication.

Fun in the sun!

W/C 17th May 2021

We have kept up the pace this week with lots of great learning! Well done Squirrel Class.


In History, we discussed the possible reasons the Roman Empire may have considered when planning to invade Britain! The children also shared their thoughts on whether as a tribesperson in Britain at that time,  would they have surrendered or put up a fight!

We have used the Chrome books this week to find out more about the city of Rome. There was lots of great partner work and note taking from everyone. We found some great facts, including that there is a museum in Rome entirely dedicated to pasta! 

On Friday Squirrel Class looked at collage by Megan Coyle with Mrs Morena. They looked carefully at how she layers her colours and textures, and cut shapes to match pattern, shadow and light. After a mini task, where they mixed animals up with different habitats, they took a closer look at the backgrounds she uses. 

The children chose their favourite collage of Megan's to recreate. These were all works of Art to be proud of. The children improved as they worked by adding extra layers of shapes and carefully selecting colours.

I think you'll agree, they look amazing! 


We enjoyed some competitive place value games to see who could create the lowest number. Then we worked out the difference between our scores too.

In our Maths lesson we continued our work on Multiplication.


W/C 10th May 2021

A busy week in Squirrel Class, well done for all the continued hard work going on. Our History display about the Roman Army was finished which we are very proud of! You can see examples of some of the activities we have worked on.

In History this week we imagined that we were spies in the Year 50BC,  checking out what Britain was like for the Romans before they invaded. We all made a Roman spy booklet and filled it with the information we found out. By telling the Roman generals, they would know what to expect when preparing for invasion!


Can you remember what things might have been seen in Iron Age Britain..?

In our Maths lessons this week we have been working on Multiplication. We practised counting in equal groups and using arrays. Some of us also worked on Multiplying by 10 and 100.

Squirrel Class continued to work on their French skills. They have been counting to 20 and practising their greeting with each other too!

Some of us helped to transfer the peas and beans that we had planted, to outside.

W/C 3rd May 2021

Despite having a bank holiday this week, we still squeezed lots of different things in!


The children enjoyed planning and designing their own stamp for the big Royal Mail Heroes Stamp Competition. After finding out about the challenge and  watching a video from the Prime Minister the children were keen to enter. Everyone was determined to have a try at getting their design chosen for a new stamp series and of course win a cash prize!!

As part of our Maths this week, we have been practising rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and sometimes 1,000! We used the game Rocket Rounding on our Chrome books to practise. 


We also continued to work on our times tables, trying different ways to help us learn them.

We have been preparing work to go on our History display. We will show you once it is all finished! 

We've enjoyed the sunshine and playing together at break.

We have continued to keep an eye on the vegetables we have been growing! They should be ready to replant outside soon.

W/C 26th April 2021

We have had a very productive week!

As part of our History learning we discovered how the Roman Empire grew and found out about life in the Roman army. As Roman citizens we wrote letters to apply for a job as a soldier!

In English we made a start on our new class reader - Stig of the Dump by Clive King. We enjoyed the start of this new story and there was lots of superb reading from Squirrels.

In RE we are learning about the Sikh religion. The children found out about the 5ks that are important to Sikhs and what they represent. Ask your Squirrel to see if they can remember all five!

In Maths we have focused on Place Value this week.

We have been counting in different multiples, ordering and comparing numbers, positioning numbers on number lines and rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. These are important skills to be confident in when working on lots of different Maths activities.

W/C 19th April 2021 

We had a great week and enjoyed the glorious sunshine when we were outside. In class we started on our History learning about the Romans and in Maths we worked out how to calculate the change when shopping.

We worked hard in our PE sessions this week.

The class were thrilled to receive some lovely gifts from a Squirrel Class family this week. The basketball has been a big hit and the games will be brilliant for wet play times, thank you so much.

W/C 12th April 2021

We have had a great week back after the Easter holidays and were happy to be back together again. 

In Maths we have been working on Money, looking at different ways to add amounts of money. It was great to also use our Chrome books for some money challenges. As always we have continued to practise times tables too!

In History we have started to find out about Ancient Rome and the era of the Romans. We then looked at where Rome was located on the map, and then tested our knowledge of where other countries were located too.

We were excited to make a start on French this week and were enjoyed saying simple greeting to each other in French!

That is Week 1 done Squirrel Class, what a brilliant start to the half term! yessmiley

W/C 22nd March 2021

We have had a great final week before the Easter break...

In English we were looking at the different ways authors started and ended stories. We looked at examples from our class book collection and shared them with each other.

We all had the opportunity to plant peas or beans that we will be tending to over the Easter break.